Outdoor Gas Cyclinder Storage

Gas Cylinder Storage Cage

The correct and compliant storage of gas cylinders is a priority for many industries including manufacturing, science, medical, hospitality, construction and maintenance. Gas bottles require specific storage conditions that comply with Australian Standards to reduce risks such as harmful gas leaks and airborne cylinders. Gas cylinder storage cages are the most appropriate solution, providing a secure, naturally ventilated enclosure for gas cylinders.

Our Australian-made range of compressed gas cylinder cages are suitable for an array of gas bottles including those used for non-flammable non-toxic gas, poisonous gas, oxidising gas and flammable gas. Cages are manufactured in a variety of sizes and configurations including single sided access storage, open or secure dual side access storage, crane liftable cages, and trolleys. Each of our gas cylinder cages complies with AS/NZS 1596 and AS4332.