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Organic Peroxide Storage Cabinets


Multifile has the expertise and capabilities to CUSTOM MANUFACTURE safety cabinets. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

organic peroxide storage cabinets

Multifile Organic Peroxide Storage Cabinets are proudly made in Australia and are available in two sizes. Multifile Organic Peroxide Cabinets are built in accordance with Australian Standards and comply with AS 2714-2008.Organic substances which contain the bivalent -0-0- structure and may be considered derivatives of hydrogen peroxide, where one or both of the hydrogen atoms have been replaced by organic radicals. Organic peroxides are thermally unstable substances, which may undergo exothermic self-accelerating decomposition. In addition, they may have one or more of the following properties:

Suitable for safe storage of:-

  • Organic peroxide materials as defined in the Australian Dangerous Goods code.
  • be liable to explosive decomposition;
  • burn rapidly;
  • be sensitive to impact or friction;
  • react dangerously with other substances;
  • cause damage to the eyes.
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Commonly Transported Oxidizers; Organic Peroxides

  • Chemical oxygen generators
  • Ammonium nitrate fertilizers
  • Chlorates
  • Nitrates
  • Perchlorates
  • Permanganates
  • Persulphates
  • Aluminium nitrate
  • Ammonium dichromate
  • Ammonium nitrate
  • Ammonium persulphate
  • Calcium hypochlorite
  • Calcium nitrate
  • Calcium peroxide
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Magnesium peroxide
  • Lead nitrate
  • Lithium hypochlorite
  • Potassium chlorate
  • Potassium nitrate
  • Potassium chlorate
  • Potassium perchlorate
  • Potassium permanganate
  • Sodium nitrate
  • Sodium persulphate

Organic Peroxide Storage Cabinet Sizes

30 Litre

30 Litre

100 Litre

100 Litre


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