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Multifile Toxic Storage Cabinets are proudly made in Australia and come in a range of sizes. Multifile Toxic Cabinets are built in accordance with Australian Standards and comply with AS 4452.

Suitable for safe storage of:

  • Toxic substances as listed as Class 6.1 substances in the Australian Dangerous Goods code or are a primary risk of another class or are a subsidiary risk of 6.1.
  • These are substances liable either to cause death or serious injury or to harm human health if swallowed or inhaled or by skin contact.
Product Code Description Shelves External Dimensions Weight 
      Height Width Depth (Kg)
MHTTS-0030 Cabinet Toxic Substance Storage 30L 1 805 520 475 53
MHTTS-0060 Cabinet Toxic Substance Storage 60L 2 1070 520 475 62
MHTTS-0100 Cabinet Toxic Substance Storage 100L 1 810 935 680 100
MHTTS-0160 Cabinet Toxic Substance Storage 160L 2 1295 1115 525 138
MHTTS-0250 Cabinet Toxic Substance Storage 250L 3 1830 1115 525 185


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Common Uses

Commonly Transported Toxic Substances; Infectious Substances:

Medical/Biomedical waste Clinical waste Biological cultures / samples / specimens Medical cultures / samples / specimens
Tear gas substances Motor fuel anti-knock mixture Dyes Carbamate pesticides
Alkaloids Allyls Acids Arsenates
Arsenites Cyanides Thiols/mercaptans Cresols
Barium compounds Arsenics / arsenic compounds Beryllium/ beryllium compounds Lead compounds
Mercury compounds Nicotine / nicotine compounds Selenium compounds Antimony
Ammonium metavandadate Adiponitrile Chloroform Dichloromethane
Hexachlorophene Phenol Resorcinol  

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Multifile Toxic Hazmat Cabinets

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