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Multifile’s range of Pesticide Goods Storage Cabinets are all locally made, built in accordance with Australian Standards and come in a range of sizes. A full range of spare parts, including additional shelves and closing mechanisms are available.

SUITABLE FOR SAFE STORAGE OF: Pesticide goods as listed as Class 6.1 substances in the Australian Dangerous Goods code or are a primary risk of another Class or are subsidiary risk of 6.1.

Toxic Substance Storage Cabinets All cabinets comply with AS4452 as follows:

  1. Each cabinet is marked with the name and address of the manufacturer.
  2. The maximum storage capacity.
  3. Any other notices or warnings that are required by relevant regulatory authorities with a minimum height of 50mm.


Product Code Description Shelves External Dimensions Weight 
      Height Width Depth (Kg)
MHTPC-0030 Cabinet Pesticide Goods Storage 30L 1 805 520 475 53
MHTPC-0060 Cabinet Pesticide Goods Storage 60L 2 1070 520 475 62
MHTPC-0100 Cabinet Pesticide Goods Storage 100L 1 810 935 680 100
MHTPC-0160 Cabinet Pesticide Goods Storage 160L
(6 x 20L Drums)
2 1295 1115 525 138
MHTPC-0250 Cabinet Pesticide Goods Storage 250L 
(9 x 20L Drums)
3 1830 1115 525 185

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Multifile Hazmat Pesticide Storage Cabinets

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