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The MHSOC range are an outdoor safety cabinet ready to safely hold 80-1,000 litres of Class 8 Corrosive Substances. Purpose-built for outdoor storage, these units feature fully adjustable heavy duty shelving, a liquid tight spill containment sump, and ventilators to suit AS3780-2008. These Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinets are robust and hard-wearing: cambered roof, cyclone proof construction, ISO locking bars. The MHSOC range of cabinets arrive with fully compliant warning placards and signage for Class 8 – Corrosive Substance.

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Product Code Description External Dimensions
    Height Width Depth
MHSOC-0080 Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet 80L 1375 785 635
MHSOC-0160 Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet 160L 1375 785 900
MHSOC-0250 Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet 250L 1375 1150 900
MHSOC-0251 Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet 251L 1995 785 900
MHSOC-0350 Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet 350L 1995 1150 900
MHSOC-0450 Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet 450L 1995 1520 900
MHSOC-0650 Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet 650L 1995 2260 900
MHSOC-0850 Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet 850L 1955 2990 900
MHSOC-1000 Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet 1000L 1870 3600 900


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80 Litre, 160 Litre, 250 Litre, 251 Litre, 350 Litre, 450 Litre, 650 Litre, 850 Litre, 1000 Litre


  • Cambered roof for rainwater run off
  • Doors fold back 270°
  • ISO locking bars for high security
  • Ventilators to suit AS3780-2008
  • Appropriate safety signage that complies with AS1216 and AS1319
  • Forklift channels
  • Cyclonic proof construction
  • Engineered footing details
  • Earth stake and mounting
  • Heavy duty adjustable shelves
  • Designed and manufactured in full conformance to AS3780-2008
  • Manufactured in Australia

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Product Enquiry


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