Multifile Perforated Powered Locker for Industrial Use


Movable power…wherever you want it, whenever you need it.

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Charge laptops, notebooks, iPads, tablets, mobile phone Multifile’s Locker Power System is an innovative perforated charging locker designed to charge laptops, notebooks, mobile phones, portable tool batteries, and other portable devices. Importantly, the locker’s 22mm perforations maximize airflow in warmer environments or where heat is generated from the charging device(s).

Movable power…wherever you want it, whenever you need it.

The Locker Power System is available as single or multiple units connected together utilising only one power lead (some limitations apply).

How it works

The Mainline™ powered track that runs the full length of each locker contains three copper strips (busbars) which carry the live, earth and neutral cables of the power supply and houses them in a safe, discreet manner so that they are only accessible through specially designed sockets. The powered track accommodates 240 volt GPO sockets, dual USB sockets and the soon to be released USB-C socket. Additional sockets can be ordered as optional extras. The sockets simply insert into the track and twist 90° clockwise to make a connection.  Each socket can easily be inserted anywhere along the track. To release, just push a button and turn anticlockwise. To secure the socket on a permanent basis insert a specially supplied screw in the side to prevent unlocking.


  • Four tier Locker with 22mm perforations
  • Welded frame to provide strength and stability
  • Perimeter door surround to prevent doors from being forced inwards
  • Full length internal door reinforcing for added strength
  • Grey Stipple Powder-coated finish (other colours optional extra)
  • 4 GPO  – one socket per tier (more can be ordered as optional extras)
  • 8 USB Ports – one dual USB socket per tier (more can be orders as optional extras)

Dimensions – Four Tier

  • 1803H x  381W  x 450D
  • 404H x 327W – Door


  • One, two or, three tier lockers also available
  • USB Socket
  • GPO Socket
Mainline Systems Product conforms to National Standard
Single phase wall / surface mounted power track Simple phase power track MLP1-10A Socket
Rated Voltage Up to 250V ac IEC61524-1, AZ/NZS61534-1 AS/NZS 3112
Rated continuous current Up to 32 Amps ac IEC61534-21, AZ/NZS61534-21
Environment for use: Indoor areas CLIPSAL SAFETY SWITCH – 952
Degree of protection: IP2Xd Amperage 10A
Dielectric strength: 3kVac for 1 minute Voltage 250V A.C. 50HZ
Flammability: Self-extinguisher UL 94-SVA Tripping Current 30MA
Track Material: High Impact rigid PVC Total Load 2400W
Adaptor contactgs engaged within a system of stamped copper
busbars fitted into a thermoplastic track.
Flex suitability 0.75 to 1.5mm² ordinary duty
Adaptors can be connected and disconnectred
when system is energised.
AS/NZS 3100 and AS/NZS 3112 AS/NZS 3190, Class L

Data Sheet

Multifile Perforated Powered Locker


  1. Congratulations on your decision to purchase a Multifile Locker Power System cabinet.
  2. Delivering the cabinet to your location safely is just as important as helping you choose the right cabinet for your needs.
  3. Multifile uses companies who are skilled in handling these cabinets. They are accustomed  to handling and delivering ‘sensitive freight’ with experience built up over the last 20 years AUSTRALIA WIDE.

*Shipping costs may vary depending on location and number of Powered Lockers.

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