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Suitable for safe storage of: Aerosol cans

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Multifile Aerosol Storage Cabinets are proudly made in Australia using heavy duty steel construction and are available in three standard sizes (14 or 80 or 180 can storage capacity). 

Suitable for safe storage of: – Aerosol cans.

This class comprises compressed gases, dissolved gases, liquefied gases, refrigerated liquefied gases, mixtures of one or more gases with one or more vapours of substances of other classes, articles charged with a gas and aerosols. Substances of this class are assigned to one of the three following divisions based on the primary hazard of the gas.

  • 2.1 Flammable gases
  • 2.2 Non Flammable, Non Toxic Gases
  • 2.3 Toxic gases
Product Code Description External Dimensions Weight (Kg)
    Height Width Depth  
MHT-TCASC8KG Aerosol Only Storage Cabinet 8kg
(14 can capacity / 1 shelf)
405 500 205 8.5
MHT-TCASC20KG Aerosol Only Storage Cabinet 20kg
(80 can capacity / 2 shelves)
655 710 305  20
MHT-TCASC35KG Aerosol Only Storage Cabinet 35kg
(180 can capacity / 3 shelves)
1010 855 405 35

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Common Uses

Aerosols Insecticide gases Hydrogen / hydrogen compounds Butane
Compressed air Refrigerant gases Oxygen / oxygen compounds Propane
Hydrocarbon gas-powered devices Lighters Nitrogen / nitrogen compounds Ethane
Fire extinguishers Acetylene / Oxyacetylene Natural gas Methane
Gas cartridges Carbon dioxide Oil gas Dimethyl ether
Fertilizer ammoniating solution Helium / helium compounds Petroleum gases Propene / propylene

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Multifile Aerosol Storage Hazmat Cabinets

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